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Pentair is the leading global provider of filtered water system in the food service industry. Pentair’s Products remove or reduce unwanted minerals, particulates and chemicals so your water is sparkling clean, every time. Our innovative products are proven effective and certified under the highest third-party standards, which is why you can find them in many of the world’s leading food service operations around the world.

Pentair’s Products are also all about motion. Pentair’s Products keep water flowing and beverages pouring. Pentair is a recognized world leader in the manufacturing and distribution of small, high performance pumps and pumping systems for fluid handling.

Pentair’s Products provide a broad line of innovative products for the food service industry, from point of entry to point of exit water technologies, including filtration and pumps. With proven quality and reliability, our products are designed for the rigorous and demanding food service environment, and are depended on by restaurants, coffee houses, and convenience stores around the world.

Our Total Water Management Program is proven to maximize operating efficiencies to food service chains. Pentair’s Products analyze your water quality and usage, provide recommendations, and install the right products specific to your operational needs. And Flexible Technologies will help you serve up consistent results with the Pentair maintenance program.


Sediments - One key task of any filter is to reduce sediments in a machine. The pentair range we use employs carbon block unlike some competitors. This means the filters have an absolute certified level of filtration. This is not the case with granulated carbon.

Chlorine - Chlorine is universally used in one composition or another to kill pathogens in our water supplies. However, it also “attacks” the organic coffee molecules because it is a highly reactive chemical. The flavour profile of all coffee machines benefit from chlorine reduction. Pentair products use Class 1 carbon certified by the NCF which is rated to remove around 98% of chlorine from the water. Other filters on the market are typically not rated for this property.

Carbonates - Of interest to us is primarily calcium carbonate. This mineral is produced in the water heating process. It coats the solenoids and boilers and is a contributor to service costs. Furthermore, the insulating properties of calcium carbonates means that machines consume more power to heat water. In general, it is seen that limescale reduction will prolong equipment life and reduce service costs. The three methods of achieving this are RO, polyphosphates and resins. These methods are seen in the products below. Please view the Coffee Filtration Guide to see these products in the range.

Minerals - The mineral content of water enhances the flavour of coffee. Without some minerals, coffee extraction is found to be flat and lacking flavour. While carbonates are damaging to the equipment, other minerals are necessary. Furthermore, pure water is an insulator, for correct operation of level probes mineral content is necessary. Therefore, a proper filter will remove carbonates but let other minerals pass. RO systems are “that good” at filtering that water must bypass the membrane to get the optimum level into the water system. At this time Mineral Content document.

Chlorides - Chlorides are a reactive chemical that pits and corrodes equipment, even stainless steel. These can be in particularly high concentration in WA and SA. If only those steps above are taken, you end up with equipment that is shiny clean on the inside which is perfect for chlorides to react with. Therefore in WA and SA a further step is needed. Either the Chlorides need to be removed or altered to prevent machine degradation. This is the Claris Ultra range.

Watertest kits - are supplied and used to set the correct parameters for RO and Resin filters and even the correct filter for that area. We can supply in-field kits or water samples can be sent to Flexible Technologies for testing. All RO systems should be set up by first measuring the water.