Fast Response… Quality Repairs – Qualified Technicians… Customer Focussed.

Flexible Technologies is, and always has been, an organisation focused towards serving our customers. Our diverse yet well practised skill set at Flexible Technologies aims to provide a fast, effective and value service to customers. It is hoped that a mutually beneficial business relationship can be built on these principles.

Flexible Technologies is now in its Fifteenth year of operation. The current customer list of Flexible Technologies includes multinational, national and local organisations. Flexible Technologies is proud to be still servicing their very first customer. This has been achieved by providing the highest standard of customer service and tailoring that service to the needs of the customer.

Customer Service Standards

Flexible Technologies currently has standards in place for most aspects of its service including a 2 hour response time for out of order equipment. When needed emergency repairs can be undertaken without delay due to 9 field service vehicles being available for dispatch. Standards are enforced by software as well as knowledge impounded in checklists and flow diagrams. This is our way of ensuring consistency in service delivery.

Core Competencies

As can be seen from the introductory listing, Flexible Technologies has a diverse range of competencies. These cover the entire system of the most complex machines and can be categorised as:

  • Electrical and electro-mechanical skills
  • Electronic skills
  • Refrigeration skills
  • Mechanical repair skills

It is not that these skills are applied across an undefinable range of equipment. Rather, these skill areas are honed towards the particular equipment type that we service.

Equipment Types

We have extensive experience with automatic vending machines of all kinds; cold and hot beverage, snack, ice-cream and more. Our experience extends to coffee equipment with daily repairs to espresso machines, soluble systems and bean to cup systems. Other equipment such as counter top food service equipment, for example, warmers, frappe and ice confection machines are also routinely repaired.


It is impossible to provide a high level of service without the right people. Flexible Technologies only employs qualified repairers. Furthermore, some of the staff at Flexible Technologies are undertaking additional studies to hone these skills. In addition to this, many hours have been spent in training, with an ongoing commitment to further our knowledge and expertise.

It is having the right people undergoing constant learning and aiming for continual improvement in both systems and output that is your guarantee of service excellence. These are more than merely words on paper; they are the principles by which we operate, seeking to embed service excellence into flexible systems with the aid of technology.


Flexible Technologies recognises the value of knowledge. We manage an extensive electronic collection of notes, manuals and experiences. This facility is constantly growing. It is here that we collect valuable information about equipment for reference by all. This collecting and sharing of information assists in achieving efficient and consistent repairs.