Fast Response… Quality Repairs – Qualified Technicians… Customer Focussed.

At Flexible Technologies we attribute our success to the way we think. Our outlook towards our customers is presented above. This outlook has its birth in our philosophy of service.

We believe that no one prospers unless we all prosper! And that no one can win at the expense of another! Furthermore, good results are a managed outcome! Good results need a system otherwise they happened by chance. Intent and commitment drive customer service. These ideas are illustrated in the Prism of Service Excellence.

It is when intent & commitment are refracted (passed through) through the prism of correct structure & systems that customer satisfaction, innovation and continual improvement occur. (The Prism of Performance 2002). Our Focus… becomes YOUR competitive advantage! Your competitive advantages stemming from using Flexible Technologies include the following…

Flexible Technologies currently has standards in place for most aspects of its service including a 2 hour response time for out of order equipment. When needed emergency repairs can be undertaken without delay due to 9 field service vehicles being available for dispatch. Standards are enforced by software as well as knowledge impounded in checklists and flow diagrams. This is our way of ensuring consistency in service delivery.

Time based response

The aim of Flexible Technologies is to provide a fast response to service calls. The service response is measured against the severity of the breakdown. This provides a high level of service and minimises customer dissatisfaction with inoperative equipment.


The field technicians have electrical qualifications as a minimum. Furthermore, the technicians are competent in electrical, electronic, refrigeration and mechanical fault finding. This covers the whole equipment system. Therefore, the repairers are competent to make the required repairs. This minimises operational down-time.

Relationship Management

Warranty – Flexible Technologies takes great pride in the output it produces – this is the tradesperson difference. However, service failures are inevitable due to mis-communication and the like. Therefore, repairing occurrences of service failure is considered a priority.

Database Information – Each service call is recorded in a comprehensive database. This allows detailed machine histories to be recalled thereby assisting in the elimination of intermittent or troublesome faults. Furthermore, some customers request machine statistics with their monthly invoice. These provide information by machine type; for the number of calls, minimum, maximum and average cost and so on. This helps to manage your equipment types, assisting in identifying exceptional situations for further investigation and cost reduction strategies.

Continual Improvement

Flexible Technologies embraces the philosophy of continual improvement. This is evident in our systems, which continue to become more efficient, as well as our output, which aims to eliminate frequent failures. For example, machine deficiencies are noted, and procedures put in place to prevent these from reoccurring. This may be as simple as installing a clip to prevent wires from jamming in a door.


Most makes and models are serviced by Flexible Technologies, also being the repair agents for several manufacturers. This means only one point of contact is required.

Customer Service Standards

Flexible Technologies currently has standards in place for most aspects of its service with a focus on continual improvement. The existence of these standards highlight the importance placed on quality and consistency of repairs.