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Warehouse and after sales service

Flexible Technologies offers technical services to alleviate the need to have any technical expertise in the equipment sold. A range of technical service are required to properly service a vending portfolio of customer. These are illustrated below.


The Flexible Technologies system covers all of these areas in a time proven system that has been in operation for more than 15 years. Equipment based solutions often succeed or fail on the strength of the after sale activity. Therefore it is vital to have this part of the customer relationship effective and efficient.


We can receipt, store and dispatch your equipment, keeping the records you need to manage your assets. This information is available online. Furthermore, by utilising a specialised storage system, equipment of all shapes and sizes can be stored with reduced risk of incidental damage.


Workshop service and pre-deliveries

Equipment can be repaired or pre-delivered in our specially designed workshop. We use predefined checks to ensure conformity to standards thereby ensuring customer satisfaction.


Paint and Panel, Repairs and Refurbishment

Flexible Technologies can implement refurbishment of your equipment to keep it looking new. This costs far less than replacing equipment. A specially designed facility is in place to keep productive assets producing!

Warehouse Portal

The service management offered by Flexible Technologies includes advanced features as listed below:

    • Customer web access to information about equipment in the warehouse.
    • Equipment can have an image and equipment attributes accessible via the internet thereby allowing up-to-date view ofsiting options.
    • Database access through a portal allowing advanced data mining of service activities.
    • Service reports showing the service pipeline and other important metrics.
    • Ability to review and track freight activities nationwide.
    • Single source invoicing for national service activities, even in the most remote area.
    • Comprehensive and unified service provision.

The service system is tailored to the individual organisation’s needs.This service system is accountable to the point of allowing real time access to repair and equipment data. Effective service requires aseamless operation between all participants in the system. Flexible Technologies proven network allows each party to play their role in delighting customers.